Mesh Density Deformer

This morning I was feeling adventurous and decided to make a maya deformer. Normally I write python api plugins but they seam to run slow so I decided to try c++. The deformer measures the density of the mesh and offsets the points along there normal based on the measurment. Here’s an example and the compute statment:

MStatus deform::compute( const MPlug& plug, MDataBlock& data )
    MStatus returnStatus;
    if( plug == aOutMesh )
            MDataHandle offset_data = data.inputValue( offset, &returnStatus );
            float offset = offset_data.asFloat();
            MDataHandle mult_data = data.inputValue( mult, &returnStatus );
            float mult = mult_data.asFloat();
            MDataHandle inMeshDataHandle = data.inputValue(aInMesh);
            MObject inMesh = inMeshDataHandle.asMesh();
            MDataHandle outMeshDataHandle = data.outputValue(aOutMesh);
            MObject outMesh = outMeshDataHandle.asMesh();
            MFnMeshData meshDataFn;
            MObject newMeshObj = meshDataFn.create();
            MFnMesh newMeshFn;
            newMeshFn.copy( inMesh, newMeshObj );
            MFloatPointArray verts;
            MFloatVectorArray normals;
            MFloatPointArray out_verts;
            MItMeshVertex vert_it(newMeshObj);
            while (vert_it.isDone() == false)
                int index = vert_it.index();
                MIntArray connected_verts;
                float avg_dist = 0;
                int numVerts = connected_verts.length();
                for( int i = 0; i < numVerts; i++ )
                    avg_dist += verts[index].distanceTo(verts[connected_verts[i]]);
                out_verts.set( verts[index]+normals[index]*(offset-(mult*(avg_dist/numVerts))),index);
            outMeshDataHandle.set(newMeshObj );
    return MS::kSuccess;

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